Green Commitment


Winco is an environmentally friendly company that takes reducing our carbon footprint seriously. We’re told it’s a comfort to deal with a company that practices sustainability in manufacturing and green stewardship. Winco positively promote LEED specifications and other Green initiatives. When it comes to commercial grade fenestration, aluminum is the environmentally conscious choice. After years of reliable service, 95% of all aluminum used in window installations can be recycled into new window product. Winco recycles aluminum and glass – and we source many materials, made locally. The company is located in the heart of the country, allowing many customers to realize reduced transportation costs.

Some Green Specifics:

  • We recycle all scrap aluminum from the manufacturing process.
  • We use recycled materials to build our products; aluminum, glass, cardboard.
  • We provide an ecologically friendly anodized finish.
  • Our painted products are applied by zero-VOC applicators.
  • We pay for a recycler to pick up unused glass from our glass fabricating facility.
  • The factory works nights during the summer months to reduce the amount of energy consumed.
  • The office and factory recycles all paper products and aluminum cans.
  • All company lighting integrates low-energy fixtures and fluorescent light bulbs.

Why choose Winco to meet USGBC LEED requirements?

  • We manufacture high performance energy efficient thermally broken aluminum windows utilizing a specially formulated poured-in-place urethane mix that outperforms standard polyurethane and polyimide strut systems.
  • We can provide the latest in glass technologies to meet the most stringent glass U-values and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients required by HVAC designers.
  • Even our vendors are centrally located, reducing the amount of fossil fuel needed to deliver materials to our manufacturing facility.