Historic Replication


As historic window experts, Winco satisfies both the aesthetic considerations of preserving the architectural integrity of traditional buildings, as well as the practical needs to save energy and protect customer investments.

No need to reinvent the wheel every time. Winco makes semi-custom historic architectural hung windows that can be fitted with proprietary snap-on aluminum panning to faithfully replicate the look of original millwork window trim. Our historic projected window simulates the sightlines of an old-fashioned steel casement, in a modern thermal product.

Simulated divided lites and applied muntins emulate historic true divided lites at a fraction of the cost, and maintain the performance of energy-saving thermally improved glass. Other Winco performance features include wind protection, blast protection, noise control, and thermal comfort.

See our selection of historic and custom finishes and historic hardware options. For specific model information, visit our product guide. And visit our project gallery for examples of historic building projects across the U.S.