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March 2016  |  New Haven, CT
Fired Up
Fired Up: Winco Targets Historic Restoration at Old Winchester Repeating Arms Factory

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FIRED UP: Winco Targets Historic Restoration at Old Winchester Repeating Arms Factory

For nearly 140 years, the old Winchester Repeating Arms Factory in New Haven, Connecticut was among the nation?s largest manufacturers of firearms, spanning six city blocks and employing thousands. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988, the plant fell into disrepair after closing in 2006. But a second chance was just around the corner.

THE PLAN: Convert buildings into office and residential spaces.

THE CHALLENGE: Preserving the historical design and aesthetic of the original crumbling steel windows while providing the amenities of today?s energy efficient windows.

THE SOLUTION: Working with Winco's reps, True Enterprises, the team was able to replicate the buildings? historic design with today?s enhanced products. Winco used Series 3250 Historic Steel Replica window system - and 1450S Hung Window Replica System with Narrow Sightline in a black anodized finish and clear, Low E insulated glass for all renovated buildings. Winco provided a solution that was not only energy efficient, but historically accurate.

Whether your project is a historical restoration or new construction to replicate the look of old, Winco has what you?re looking for.

World War I intervened to slow down the suffrage campaign as some suffragists decided to shelve their activism in favor of "war work." In the long run this decision proved to be prudent as it reinforced womens' right to the vote. Photo c. 1916


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