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August 2016  |  St Louis, MO
St Louis FEMA
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Power House in St. Louis Links First Responders

When trouble arrives, this is where St. Louis County will go to manage events, according to a St. Louis, Missouri county official.  With the strength of a bunker, but the appearance of an ordinary office building, the new St. Louis County Emergency Management Center ensures  better management of incidents through the rapid sharing of information among firefighters, EMS, policemen, hospitals, public works and other groups – functions that were previously housed in many separate facilities across St. Louis. Considering the operational function of the building, it was imperative to make the building envelope impenetrable to natural and man-made disasters. 

The cast-in-place concrete, single-story administrative structure with interior steel framing
and a concrete deck are wrapped with a brick veneer. The 300-foot long façade and 27-foot wall housing the main technological component of the building feature strategically placed Winco architectural-grade pre-glazed window systems, designed to withstand 180-mph winds with an impact from a 15-pound 2x4 traveling at 100 miles per hour. In conjunction, Tremco Spectrem® 2 Silicone Sealant and Tremco 440 Tape ensures no water penetration.  The natural daylight provided by the windows allows staff to work in a somewhat typical workplace environment.  

The facility is designed to stay in operation for three days on its own power and is anticipated to be able to survive tornados, earthquakes and man-made disasters.


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