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July 2017  |  Tulsa, OK
YMCA Tulsa

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Located in the heart of the city's bustling downtown district, the historic YMCA building has now been converted into trendy apartments that maintain the whimsical fun of the building?s original purpose. Basketball courts are now hardwood floors with stripes still intact, the parking garage is the former swimming pool, the baskets from the original courts adorn the end of a hallway, an original drinking fountain still works and the scoreboards are still there.

The developers took special pride in the historic renovation, and called on Winco to provide historic windows with vents that mirrored the original 1950?s era windows. The 12 ft wide windows, Winco Series 1150, once accommodated views from the basketball and racquetball courts - now they flood sunshine into each unique apartment. The operable vents let fresh air flow in during spring and fall months, and the energy efficient configuration keep the cold and humidity at bay during winter and summer. 

Bob Jacks of Sustainable Living, LLC one of the developers on the project was determined to replicate every detail of the building?s historic facade. "Winco's steel replica window?s met the state historical requirements perfectly," he said. "We couldn?t have asked for a better and easier solution.? 

Architects: Phillips Slaughter Rose 
Developers: Brickhuggers LLC, Sustainable Living LLC


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