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October 2017  |  St louis, MO
Seaside views

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Innovative Glass Technology Offers Beautiful Seaside Views at The Claw House Restaurant

Innovative Glass Technology Offers Beautiful Seaside Views at The Claw House Restaurant Guests at South Carolina?s popular Claw House restaurant come for two things: fresh lobster and the views. Designed to look like an authentic Cape Code lobster house, the Claw House is built on risers 12-feet high above the sea and offers patrons arguably the best view on the MarshWalk, a popular restaurant row on Murrells Inlet. So, what?s The Claw House?s secret?

The Claw House is close to the water in a sunny locale. That?s a prescription for blinding rays and uncomfortable heat for customers. However, drapes, blinds or shades of any kind were not an option for the restaurant owners, who wanted to preserve the view from any seat in the house.

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The restaurant found a new, innovative glass technology that achieves exactly what the owners of any seaside restaurant dreams of ? sweeping unobstructed views. Winco?s 3250 Steel Replica Windows featuring Suntuitive® Glass fabricated by Pleotint, LLC were installed. With glare reduction built into the glass to reduce intense summer daylight, guests of The Claw House can enjoy the beautiful water view anytime, anywhere.

Suntuitive glass is a thermochromic interlayer for dynamic glass that lightens and darkens by itself ? no wires, no controls, no power supplies, and no maintenance. Using only the direction and intensity of sunlight, the Suntuitive glass at The Claw House can lighten or darken on its own as needed. The system maximizes natural daylight while minimizing solar heat gain. As a result, The Claw House benefits from lower costs associated with heating, air conditioning and artificial lighting.
About Suntuitive® Glass by Pleotint, LLC
? Made of an extruded polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer
? Incorporated into a laminated safety glass, providing safety glass benefits
? Interlayer thickness is 0.048 inches (1.22 mm)


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