Noise Control


Human exposure to noise exceeding 85 decibels can cause hearing loss.

Winco is able to improve acoustical performance (with STC ratings of 35 to 55) of many of its windows through proprietary designs, and by the use of engineered glass systems. Typical noise control applications include schools, hospitals, hotels and any buildings adjacent to highways or airports. What’s more, Winco acoustical windows can help meet the LEED requirement for noise control in schools.

The optional use of Uvekol poured-in-place resin, as an alternative to PVB film interlayer, adds additional protection from exterior noise, improving acoustical performance and comfort by up to two additional STC points.

For specific model information on Winco Window noise control performance, visit our product guide. And go to our project gallery for examples of noise protected schools and other projects across the U.S.