Wind Protection


Long a leading manufacturer of hurricane-rated (large missile impact) commercial windows, Winco has introduced a unique lineup of aluminum tornado-rated windows, built to withstand direct impact from a 15 lb. section of 2x4 lumber, shot from a test cannon at over 100 mph.

Tornadoes are nature’s most violent storms, sometimes reaching ground wind velocities of over 200 mph, compared with typical hurricane velocities of under 150 mph. While safety experts recommend evacuation to window-less "safe rooms" during tornado alerts, such super-secure building areas are not always available.

Winco Tornado Impact Windows are made with reinforced aluminum frames and feature laminated interlayer and polycarbonate sheets, providing outstanding protection from noise, wind and water infiltration, as well as energy-saving thermal ratings of less than 0.35 U-value. Models available include the first operating projected window rated for tornadoes with ground speeds of over 150 mph. These windows offer unusual comfort and peace of mind for building inhabitants in Tornado Alley and elsewhere.

Our industry-leading line of Wind Damage Protection windows includes models suitable for coastal hurricane conditions. Winco conducts in-house, large-missile impact tests in house, and we manufacture our own laminated glass, providing unique quality control and service advantages.

For specific model information on Winco Wind Damage Protection, visit our product guide. And go to our project gallery for examples of wind-protected schools and other projects across the U.S.