In the blink of an eye, virus-free spaces are essential for everyone.

In response, WINCO has launched a super-performing new product, Transira™ Window Solutions. High performance shades are encased between two pieces of thermal glass, and the window system is automatically controlled by the building management system. 


Transira fits the bill on all counts:

  • When Clean Counts —Draperies and fabric shades are magnets for allergens and airborne pathogens. Transira Windows are easy to clean, and leave the air healthy.


  • When Money Counts - Thermal glass, metalized shades and automatic responsiveness to the sun’s energy work in concert to save your facility energy – and money.


  • When Security Counts – In the event of an intruder, shades can be lowered instantly to help protect occupants from threats.


  • When Simplicity Counts — With Transira, you get the whole package. One vendor specs, designs, and installs the windows, instead of multiple trades being involved. Intrigued? Get in touch with your local representative to learn more.