Be Ready with Winco's Tornado Rated Windows

Tornado season 2021 is already wreaking havoc. 

WINCO’s tornado-rated windows are designed to withstand 250 mph winds with flying debris impact testing for a tornado using a 15-pound 2x4 traveling at 100 mph. Since tornadoes happen quickly and with little warning, it’s important to have the right windows in place and a plan of action for when storm clouds are brewing.

WINCO offers tornado rated windows that meet the standards for FEMA P-361, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s third edition of Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Hurricanes, as well as ICC 500 – 2014 certification, the third edition of the ICC and National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) joint project to design facilities for use as emergency shelters.

WINCO’s storm rated windows are ideal for schools, safe rooms, and 911 centers that are used as storm shelters. When the power goes out during a storm, the natural light afforded by protective windows can be critical. And, unlike rolling storm shutters, WINCO’s FEMA windows are always in protection mode.


When it comes to severe storm performance, Make sure your windows meet all your occupants needs year-round

  • AAMA Gold Level Certification – Water and air tested to over AW-80 and 250mph


  • Designed for high thermal efficiency


  • Meets FEMA P-361, ICC-500, and ASTM 1886/E1996 Levels D & E requirements for safe rooms and community shelters


  • Florida Product Approval #24436 for Hurricane and Tornado Usage