Jim Masarra

Jim Massara

Architectural Sales Representative

Jim Massara is an Architectural Sales Rep specializing in high-performance windows built to withstand the harshest hurricane winds, rain, and airborne debris. Massara has a 25-plus-year background in both architecture and contracting. While he is centrally located in our St. Louis home office, Massara manages our coastal projects throughout the southeastern United States.

Massara notes that recent hurricane seasons have highlighted the need for retrofit work, and many property owners are upgrading to hurricane-resistant windows.  Massara takes pride in being an information source for the latest in code changes, product upgrades, and window-related data. 

As both tornado and hurricane seasons become more volatile, the window industry is being looked upon to provide higher performance, weather-resistant windows and doors. Massara is working with various government and industry professionals to expand Winco’s capabilities in this growing protective-glazing window market.  

Massara holds a degree in architectural drafting and structural technologies from St. Louis-based Ranken College.