Winco Window AIA Approved Presentations

As a registered AIA Continuing Education Services Provider, Winco Window Company is committed to expanding the knowledge and skills of design professionals by providing quality, relevant education.  Our courses provides AIA Learning Units (LU) and/or Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) credits as required by state and/or professional memberships to meet yearly requirements.

Winco Window company offers a variety of informative AIA registered continuing education courses that have been presented at various architectural offices in the United States.  To arrange a presentation, please contact our Sales Department at 800-525-8089 for more information.

Tornado Resistant Glazing Assemblies – WINCO-01 – (0.5 LU/HSW)
This multimedia presentation will review the FEMA P-361 and ICC 500 requirements for safe rooms, tornado-resistant glazing assemblies, an overview of testing requirements, and design ideas and solutions.

Specifying Windows – WINCO-02 – (1.0 LU/HSW)
Design professionals will learn about AAMA/FGIA, the role they play when specifying windows and how to properly write Section 08520 specifications in accordance with AAMA/FGIA guidelines. The designer will also understand the importance of AAMA's Gold Label Program and how they benefit architectural products.

Historic Window Replication – WINCO-03 – (1.0 LU/HSW)
This multimedia presentation reviews the history of fenestrations and aspects of replication of windows in historically significant buildings.  The course will cover several aspects of historic window including grids, muntins, shadow-lines, finishes, mullions, glazing, operations, and intricate details.  We will also discuss how to work with the local and regional Historic Review Committee as well as dealing with hazardous materials including lead, PCB’s, and asbestos.  Finally, we will discuss the pros and cons of the “replace vs renew” options concerning installation, thermal, acoustic, energy, light and recycling analysis.

Protective Glazing – WINCO-04 – (1.0 LU/HSW)
This program provides an overview of blast, hurricane, tornado, and behavioral windows.  Recommendations for application and specifications are provided.  The program will also review industry  standards, codes, and test methods.

Sustainable Performance Windows – WINCO-05 – (1.0 LU/HSW) 
Window selection, design, manufacture, and installation are explored at a basic technical level.  Recommendations for specifications and applications are included.  Design professionals will be provided with valuable information on different types of fenestrations, and review industry standard performance ratings, to support accurate product comparisons.

Human Impact Resistant Glazing – WINCO-06 – (0.5 LU/HSW)
This multimedia presentation provides an understanding of behavioral windows.  Recommendations are given for application and specifications.  We will review the industry standards, codes, and test methods.

Hurricane Resistant Glazing – WINCO-07 – (0.5 LU/HSW) 
This multimedia presentation provides an understanding of hurricane windows.  Recommendations are given for application and specifications.  We will review the industry standards, codes, and test methods.

Anodize Finish for Aluminum Windows – WINCO-08 – (0.5 LU)
This multimedia presentation will help attendees to better understand weathering performance and sustainable goals of architectural anodize finishes including strengths, weaknesses, weatherability and environmental considerations.