The Best Options for Passive House Windows in Commercial Buildings

From LEED and ENERGY STAR to WELL Building Standard, NGBS and more, there’s no shortage of green building certifications. Every year, it seems like there’s another standard or certification process to showcase an organization’s efforts toward sustainability and energy efficiency. Passive Houses and buildings are no different.

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Automated Window Shading Boosts Energy Efficiency, Occupant Comfort and Security

A building’s window design can dramatically impact its energy efficiency, comfort and security. Choosing a window option with automated shading is an excellent way to increase all three factors.

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What Is the Difference Between a Window Wall and a Curtain Wall?

It’s not uncommon to see mid-rise and high-rise buildings cladded with windows. From an outsider’s view, these buildings look like they’re covered with glass windows or that the walls are made of glass rather than other standard building materials.

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Energy Efficient Hospitals - 5 Must Haves for Any Project

The healthcare industry alone accounts for almost 10% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

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How Trim is Used to Create Custom Historic Windows

Creating authentic historic windows isn’t just about the glass or the shape of the window. It also requires a thorough understanding of historic window trim because different time periods are associated with different trim styles.

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What are the Best Commercial Impact Windows for Florida?

Trying to find the best impact windows for Florida is quite the task. It requires a deep understanding of weather conditions and a comprehensive knowledge of hurricane and impact-resistant windows.

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7 Tips for Replacing Historic Windows in Buildings

From understanding historic construction techniques to keeping the design details accurate, historic window replacements require extra attention and care.

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5 Historic Storm-Resistant Window Designs

Retrofitting historic storm-resistant windows is not a straightforward project. Not only do you have to ensure you’re getting the window design and fit just right, but you also need to consider performance, window integrity and durability.

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