Questions and Answers

Can I send in my own takeoff for a quote?

You may send in your takeoff directly into Winco for pricing but it must be accompanied by a completed Request for Quote form. The form is available under our Downloads section. We recommend for you to contact your local Winco Sales Representative for any questions and to see if they are already working on a quote.

Can I get a quote without going through my local Winco Sales Rep?

Quotes are provided by your local Winco Sales Representative

How do I get a price quote on Winco Window Products?

Please contact your local Winco Sales Representative to get a quote on our products.  To locate your sales reps' contact information, go to the "Find A Rep" page, or call us at 800.525.8089.

Does Winco provide AIA lunch and learns?

Yes, Winco is a registered AIA Continuing Education Services Provider and offers both virtual and in-person Lunch & Learn sessions for your company. Our courses provides AIA Learning Units (LU) and/or Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) credits as required by state and/or professional memberships to meet yearly requirements.

We are committed to expanding the knowledge and skills of design professionals by providing quality, relevant education. Please click the link below to see a list of our AIA-approved presentations for more information!

Winco Window AIA Approved Presentations

Are tax incentives available for new construction or window replacement projects?

Winco works with several specialists and consultants to help designers and owners secure tax deductions. This can include Section 179D of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 for commercial energy upgrades.

Winco also promotes LEED certification through its products to help clients achieve more energy-efficient buildings. Contact us to learn more about how we can help. Contact us for more information!

Are there federal historic tax credits available for historic window replacement?

Winco specializes in historic replication and is a provider for the National Park Service, state historical agencies, as well as state and Federal historic preservation tax incentives program guided by Standard 6 administered by the Technical Preservation Services of the National Park Service. Contact us for more information!

Does Winco Window work on residential projects?

Our windows are made for commercial applications such as schools, universities, industrial buildings, etc., and wouldn’t be a good fit for most residential use

Are Winco's windows tested to meet ASTM E1996?

Winco Window Series 1150, 1150S, and 3250 are tested to meet Missile E Impact- Resistant guidelines according to the ASTM E1996 two-part testing protocol that governs Large Missile Impact. 

Read more about Missile E Impact- Resistant guidelines here

Connect with an Architectural Sales Representative to learn about other series tested to Level D ASTM E1996. 

What type of aluminum finishes does Winco offer?

Winco offers a wide variety of architectural aluminum finishes that meet both historical standards and innovative new designs. Browse our in-house anodizing color selection and our Kynar paint finishing options.

Visit our resources page, under the design tab to see more aluminum finishes. 

Where can I locate Winco’s installation manual?

You can find installation instructions and how-to tutorials on our installation resource page.