Campus safety and security solutions have become increasingly important for schools nationwide. In looking for ways to make our schools safer, many administrators are searching for comprehensive campus security solutions.

Today, we want to look at why campus security solutions are so critical and provide some examples to incorporate into your school’s safety plan.

7 Reasons Campus Safety and Security Solutions Matter


Campus security is critical for numerous reasons. Here are seven of the most significant reasons why campuses need comprehensive security solutions:

1. Helps Reduce School Shootings, Violence, and General Crime

Sadly, school shootings are a modern threat to be concerned with. In 2021, there were a total of 93 school shootings, 43 of which involved deaths and 50 with injuries only. While school shootings remain rare, the carnage they bring can devastate a school and neighborhood/city for years afterwards.

While psychological and legal solutions are extremely complicated, physically securing school locations is a simple solution that can protect the environment by focusing on the point of attack. If a few doors and windows could be inaccessible to a school shooter due to upgraded security features, that could be the impetus to stop or diminish the likelihood of the attack.

Beyond school shootings, many crimes that occur on campuses are violent crimes. Approximately 20 out of every 1,000 students are affected by a violent crime at school. Violent crimes include everything from physical fights and aggravated assaults to forcible sex offenses and threats, and it’s one of the biggest reasons campus security solutions matter.

Schools don’t just have to worry about violent crimes. Crimes like burglaries, vandalism and theft are also relatively common on campuses.

2. Behavioral and Mental Health Services

Strong mental and behavioral health resources and programs are critical to a safe school environment. Not only are these resources beneficial in preventing potential school shooting events, but they also work to create a better community by providing help to individuals in need. Mental and behavioral health are optimistic sectors of healthcare as their solutions seek to remedy negatives which allows for new positive pathways to open, enriching the individual and thus school community at large.

3. Durable Windows and Doors

Winco's Transira™ Window Solutions provide security, energy savings, easy maintenance, and a healthier environment for Reno’s Marce Herz Middle School.

From reducing crime to providing security, having durable windows and doors is a straightforward way to increase the safety of your campus instantly. Sturdy windows prevent break-in and theft, and with the right glazing or blind solution, windows can also help protect privacy, too.

In addition to crime reduction, updating windows and doors helps with energy efficiency, which ultimately frees up budget dollars to be used on other areas where security can be heightened.

4. Promotes Occupant Comfort and Wellbeing

Almost 75% of parents with children in school feel like schools have become less safe. In addition, a large number of students also feel uneasy at school. As a result, campuses need to strengthen their security measures to alleviate these concerns.

5. Serves As a Stopgap for Law Enforcement and First Responders


Close-up of a line of police cars with their blue lights flashing.

Security measures and personnel are vital because they help keep things under control until first responders and law enforcement arrive. For example, 86% of campus police are allowed to make an arrest on campus. This helps stop crimes and criminals until the proper authorities arrive.

6. Protects Inclusion Policies

77% of hate crimes on college campuses occur because of sexual orientation, race or religion. Campus security solutions are critical to ensuring everyone on campus feels safe and included.

7. Health Crisis Management

78% of college students don’t believe their college’s health care facilities can provide adequate care. Campus health care is essential for emergency medical situations, maintaining student health and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

6 Campus Security Solutions to Keep Your Campus Safer

The key to having a safe campus lies in crafting a comprehensive security plan which should include and combine several security solutions. Here are seven of the most crucial security solutions to consider incorporating into your campus’s security plan:

1. Monitor Your School’s Interior & Exterior


Two white security cameras pointed in different directions mounted on a black street lamp.

School surveillance cameras, in particular, deter vandalism, thievery, and violence on school grounds, as well as many other sorts of suspicious behavior, by regulating and standardizing school visitor management around the clock.

Thanks to emerging technology, camera systems can also include counting features, which help estimate the number of people inside a building or area, making it easier to keep an eye on the flow of people coming and going.

2. Security Guards

Security guards or campus police are an excellent option for increasing campus safety. Security guards can help keep situations under control until first responders arrive and can also provide a safe haven for students around campus.

3. Incident Planning

Having actionable incident plans is a crucial component of a comprehensive security plan. Administrators should know exactly how to respond to various security threats. Simulating and practicing such threats also helps ensure staff is ready for whatever happens on campus.

4. Establish "Two-Way" Communication

Instituting solutions like emergency telephones around campus is an excellent way to ensure students can always get the help they need.

5. Proactive Health Measures


A nurse preparing a seated patient to draw blood. Both are wearing blue masks and white shirts.

It’s important to offer things like temperature screenings, on-campus medical staff, counselors, well-stocked first-aid kits and free testing to the student body. Having proactive health measures in place can help improve health crisis management and ensure students are physically and mentally healthy.

6. Enhanced Classroom Security via Infrastructure

Many universities utilize old buildings, and many old buildings have infrastructural challenges that make them less secure. Even just updating entry points can provide significant security. Locking systems will help establish classroom safe zones and protection areas. Classroom windows and doors with glass components should have some covering that can quickly block a trespasser’s vision.

Create A More Secure Campus

Having a safer campus requires a multi-pronged strategy, and high-quality windows and doors play a fundamental part in it.


At Winco Window, we proudly provide window solutions to several of the country’s oldest universities. We help our clients maintain their historic architecture while delivering energy efficiency, durability and enhanced safety and security. Even if historical accuracy isn’t a priority, we’re proud to offer complete window solutions to campuses and K-12 schools across the country.

If you’re ready to get started, contact your local Winco Window representative today.