Historic Replication

Historic windows require an understanding of historic construction techniques and methodology, as well as an attention to design detail to maintain aesthetic accuracy. Winco is well-versed in the guidelines set forth by the National Park Service (NPS), National Register of Historic Places, and other preservation societies. We rely on old photographs and original drawings or blueprints to achieve authentic replication.

Winco Window Company works with architects and contractors to ensure that our windows also meet current International Building Codes (IBC) and wind load requirements, as well as any considerations for energy efficiency, UV protection, acoustics, and security.

One of the most critical aspects of historical retrofits is the installation of new windows into the existing substrate. We work with fastener testing companies and labs to ensure existing frames can hold or be built up to hold our windows.

Restoration or replacement of historic windows takes the ability to balance today’s energy needs with maintaining historically accurate sightlines and aesthetics. Winco has excelled at this.

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