A building’s window design can dramatically impact its energy efficiency, comfort and security. Choosing a window option with automated shading is an excellent way to increase all three factors.

Windows with automated shading are simply windows whose shades or blinds are inside of the window, between the panes of glass and operate automatically. They’re often integrated with the building’s existing automation management system, and they’re a straightforward window option that provides many advantages.

6 Advantages of Windows with Automated Shadings

These four windows all have shades. These windows overlook a parking lot.

Let’s take a look at six of the most prominent advantages of choosing windows with automated shading for your building or project:

1. Increased Convenience and Cost Savings

Windows with automated shades have an obvious benefit of convenience and practicality. Rather than having to close and open the blinds manually, you can operate them automatically, which saves time and hassle, and it means they’ll actually be used! This advantage is a substantial benefit for larger buildings with many windows.

When the integrated shades are programmed to a remote or with your Building Management System (BMS), you can operate all your windows automatically or with a push of a button, often simultaneously. No more chaotic blind management. For windows with integrated shades, everything is more convenient and practical.

In addition to the added convenience, automated shaded windows have a cost savings as well. Given that the shades are between the panes of glass, the shades are not tampered with or damaged and don't have to be replaced as often. In most public buildings—--like schools and hospitals—-limiting the number of people that can manually operate shades helps prevent costly wear and tear. 

2. Energy Savings

According to The Department of Energy, when you use a smart window covering solution, like automated shades and blinds, you can reduce the total heat gain by as much as 77%. You can also reduce heat loss in the winter by utilizing shades and blinds — they serve as an insulation layer and help trap the warm air inside the space. When those shades are automated, it makes it that much easier to maximize energy savings.

For maximum energy-saving results, the integrated shades are able to automatically deploy during the hottest and brightest part of the day to keep the temperature regulated. Alternatively, they might open the windows during the brighter part of the day to use more natural light and save on lighting costs. 

Automated window shades have energy efficiency algorithms to work with sensors, schedules, and even other building components (such as lighting, HVAC, etc.) and have been proven to reduce HVAC consumption by as much as 39%. Either way, using automated shadings on windows is a terrific and straightforward way to maximize energy efficiency and save.

3. Greater Occupant Comfort and Well-Being

Shades and blinds play a crucial role in occupant comfort. They allow occupants or building administrators to instantly adjust light and heat gain to get the most out of their windows. If you want more natural light, raise the shades. If you want it to be cooler, automatically lower the shades. If you want to set a certain ambiance, set the shades to the perfect level to achieve your lighting goals.

Blinds and shades increase occupant comfort by providing a layer of privacy to windows. Without blinds or shades, onlookers can see right into the windows. Curtains don’t provide the necessary privacy for most businesses. Automated blinds and shades make it much easier to quickly increase occupant comfort, which makes them an ideal option for schools, hospitals and office buildings.

Given the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace, the connection between sunlight and personal well-being has never been more important. According to several studies, an increase in natural light has been correlated to improve student performance, employee productivity and even aid in patient recovery in hospitals.

4. Added Security

Automated shading on windows helps increase security by making it impossible for onlookers to see inside of buildings. With a push of a button, building administrators can add visual security by lowering and locking the shades.

This office building room has a window overlooking a parking lot.

This added security is a considerable advantage in buildings like schools and hospitals where the occupants require additional protection. It’s also advantageous to businesses and buildings that house sensitive and private information.

5. Eliminate Cleaning and Maintenance

When you utilize an option like The Transira™ Window Solution, the blinds are built in-between two panes of glass. As a result, you can dramatically reduce the cleaning and maintenance concerns associated with traditional blinds and curtains.

With traditional blinds, dust collects on the blinds and particles move around and through the air every time the blinds open and shut. When the shade is encased between the glass, there is no way for dirt or dust to accumulate on the blinds, making it an ideal way to eliminate cleaning and maintenance.

6. Integration with Existing Building Management Systems

Unlike alternative options that require manual lifting mechanisms, The Transira™ Window Solution can be controlled via a remote or your existing Building Management System (BMS). Solutions like this make the automation process easy. Automation can be achieved through a stand alone system with dedicated sensors or can be integrated with your existing BMS to take advantage of the existing infrastructure.    

This type of automation makes adding windows with automated shades to your existing building incredibly simple.

Add Industry-Leading Windows with Automated Shading to Your Building

At Winco Window Company, we’re passionate about helping building owners and architects maximize their building’s designs with high-quality window solutions like The Transira™ Window Solution.

Three windows have white integrated shades from Winco Window Solution.

The Transira Window Solution is an insulated thermal window option with an automated high-performance blind or shade built between two panes of glass. These innovative windows provide all the advantages of windows with automated shadings paired with the quality of Winco Window Company.

For more information about The Transira Window Solution, click here. Or, if you’re ready to get started, find your local representative today!