Product Description

The Transira™ Window Solution is an insulated thermal window with an automated, high-performance shade or blind, built in between two panes of glass. This innovative, energy-saving window provides a variety of benefits, including increased energy savings, added visual intruder security by lowering and locking out shades, reduced health concerns considering the shade is in between the glass, and economic benefits.

Unlike other products that rely on manual lifting mechanisms, the Transira™ can be activated with remote or Building Management System (BMS) integration or local control such as a wall keypad. This allows occupants to have the ability to control visibility, light, and solar heat entering a room at the touch of the button.

Installation requires one purchaser/contractor to spec, design and install instead of multiple trades/vendors, project complexity, and extended timelines. Plus, the unique design virtually eliminates maintenance, replacement, or difficult re-glazing issues. 

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Winco's Transira™ Window Solutions | Automated Shades Between Glass

  • Improves Occupant Comfort
  • Reduces Health Concerns
  • Provides Added Security


Product Information

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Elevation Details

Product Elevation Details
Fixed Configuration w/ 1" Insulated Glazing
Fixed Configuration w/ 1" Insulated Glazing
Casement Configuration w/ 1" Insulated Glazing
Fixed Configuration w/ 1" Insulated Glazing
Fixed Configuration w/ BR-2 Ballistic Glazing
Casement Configuration w/ BR-2 Ballistic Glazing


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