With commercial window security, there are a variety of considerations and products available. In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about commercial window security, including the most popular options and better alternatives.

As you are likely aware, security is a crucial component of modern commercial architecture. From landscaping and lighting to strategic entrances and more, there’s no shortage of ways to incorporate security into the architecture of a building.

However, one of the most vulnerable parts of a commercial building is its windows, unless commercial window security is part of the equation. The most popular solution tends to be commercial window security bars, but just because it’s the most popular doesn’t mean it’s the best.


The Pros and Cons of Commercial Window Security Bars

We wanted to take a second to look at both the pros and cons of this popular commercial window security solution, so you get an in-depth look and understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of using them.


The Advantages Of Commercial Window Security Bars

Commercial window security bars and commercial window security grilles are popular for several reasons. Commercial window security bars:

  • Are less costly than other solutions
  • Are sturdy and effective at keeping out intruders
  • Keep children safe from falls
  • Allow tenants to open windows without presenting a security risk
  • Come in customizable designs

However, there are some clear disadvantages worth noting as well. 


The Disadvantages Of Commercial Window Security Bars

Commercial window security bars seem like a straightforward and cost-effective solution to commercial building security. However, there are several downsides to this commercial window security solution. For example, commercial window security bars:

  • Are often unattractive and make buildings look prison-like
  • Obstruct firefighters from getting inside the building
  • Block the view of the outside
  • Only protect from break-ins and don’t provide any visual security
  • Don’t work well with historic building designs
  • Can’t be opened from the inside, causing a safety issue if people need to evacuate
  • Must be installed properly to be effective


So, what do you do if you don’t want these downsides but still want the commercial window security that the security bars provide?

The Alternative: Winco Window’s Commercial Window Security Solution 

When you don’t want the bars, Security And Blast-Resistant Windows provide the protection you need without all the downsides.

Winco Window’s Blast Protection Windows have a laminated interlayer that protects a building and provides safety without clunky window bars. Just how strong are these windows fortified with commercial window security film?

The security windows are blast-tested using live explosives, replicating up to 3,000 pounds of TNT. In addition to being able to withstand blasts and impacts, these windows with a commercial security window film provide excellent protection from wind, noise and water and are also energy efficient.


4 Projects Showing Commercial Security Window Film in Action

One of the best ways to illustrate the beauty and strength of Security and Blast Resistant Windows is to show them in action. Here are four recent projects that utilized the Winco Window commercial security window solutions.

The JFK Building: When Visual Security Matters Too

The iconic JFK building didn’t just need physical security — it also required commercial security window tinting to protect the people and contents inside. In fact, security is so crucial for The JFK Building that the team at Winco Window Company had to create a commercial security window solution that could be installed at nighttime.

Standard security bars wouldn’t have been able to provide the visual security needed for this building. They also would have been really challenging to fit around the curved windows, like the one pictured above.

Ft. Riley Administration Building - Junction City, Kansas

Built in 1878, this historic administration building needed a commercial security window solution that would keep the building safe while still accounting for historical accuracy. A custom reinforcement solution was designed by Winco that allowed the Decorative Fluted Cast Iron Mullion to remain with the oversized archtop.

The Winco Window team stepped up to the plate and replicated the original windows to keep the beauty intact while also providing additional security and blast-resistance. 


Tavares Public Safety Complex - Tavares, Florida

provide security and protection from the worst of Florida’s weather elements - hurricanes and tornadoes. Designed to meet FEMA’s Essential Facility requirements, the building currently houses the city’s police, fire, and first dedicated Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

While the structure itself, more like a fortress, was built to withstand the worst Florida’s hurricanes have to offer, this same level of protection was needed with the windows. Winco Windows provided framing and our 3350 series Fixed windows to meet FEMA P-361 standards for tornado and hurricane safety ratings, capable of withstanding 180-mph winds with flying debris impact testing of a 15-pound 2” x 4” traveling at 100-mph.

Washoe County School Disctrict - Sparks, Nevada

When building new educational facilities, security is high on the list of needs. In Sparks, Nevada, Winco Windows provided our new Transira™ Window Solution for the Washoe County School District that merges ballistic resistance and security with a motorized shading system, all controlled by the buildings management system. The Transira™ Window Solution takes all of the high-priority needs for security and blast-resistant windows and packages them into a high-tech product that offers significant control for the administrative offices.


Get Started with Winco Window’s Commercial Window Security Film

At Winco Window Company, we love helping architects and building owners keep their buildings safe without sacrificing style. With commercial window security solutions like the Security and Blast Resistant Windows, we’re able to do just that. Contact our experts at Winco Window today for state-of-the-art commercial window security.