Kurtis Suellentrop

Kurtis Suellentrop

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

“Kurtis has positively impacted our relationships with customers and architects,” said Bill Krenn, Winco Past President and CFO. “His creative approach to marketing, and sales can be directly linked to our steadily increasing business.”

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Suellentrop, focuses on securing new business opportunities and transforming how Winco markets itself.

Suellentrop has been with Winco for 22 years. Prior to Sales and Marketing, Suellentrop managed Winco’s R&D program, including multi-threat systems encompassing psychiatric, dynamic, acoustic, thermal, tornado, and hurricane windows.  Kurtis appreciates all aspects of the window designing, manufacturing and installation process. He gets to work at a desk, confer with mechanics and machinists at Winco’s factory and gets to be involved in the actual R&D, testing and installation. Because of this, Kurtis wears a wide variety of footwear!

He graduated from the University of Missouri-Rolla, earning a B.S. in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in design and thermodynamics. Kurtis lives in Saint Louis Missouri and shares his frequent flier miles with his wife and two children.