Selecting commercial replacement windows requires a bit of knowledge. From building codes and LEED credits to energy efficiency and durability, there are many requirements for commercial replacement windows.

Here are some of the specific window needs for some of the most common types of commercial buildings, plus a look at potential products and cost estimates for each type of project.

Midrise Buildings

Many midrise buildings have intricate and interesting architecture, and as a result, they require windows that can match their demands. For example, the building above was a mixed-use building that needed energy-efficient, neutral windows to contrast its colorful façade.  

An Option to Consider

Our 1450 Series has four-inch frames, perfect for accommodating the deep wall cavities that are common in midrise buildings. These windows can be fixed, in-swing or out-swing and can meet impact and hurricane requirements. 

Multi-Family Buildings

In multi-family buildings, you’re most likely going to want operational windows that residents can use. This generally would be single- or double-hung windows that operate and protect the building and residents. However, that isn’t always the case, like in the example above. Sometimes, the aesthetics outweigh function, and a custom solution is in order. There also may be a code requirement for egress windows that are large enough to accomodate a firefighter with their gear.

Durability and budget are generally top concerns, and depending on your location, hurricane resistance might also be important.

An Option (or Two) to Consider 

Our 4410 series is a terrific option for multi-family buildings. They have a 3/32-inch thick aluminum sill, so these single-hung windows are a great option for long-lasting, low-maintenance windows.

Our 4410S window is another option when you need a more historic look. They are a fixed, single hung window that has an integral sloped exterior glazing leg. It’s a four-inch architectural grade window system, so it will provide the weather-proof durability with a historic aesthetic.

High-Rise Structures

Generally, high-rise structures require windows that need to match the building’s aesthetic. As a result, you’re most likely going to want a window option that has some aesthetic flexibility while still meeting building code and durability demands.

An Option to Consider 

Our 1550 Window is a fixed or operable window that provides a modern, contemporary aesthetic. It has a four and half-inch deep frame with a ⅛-inch wall thickness, so it can easily fill large openings and handle the high winds inherent in tall building designs.

Historic Renovations

Historic renovations require a lot of customizations and considerations. You’re going to want a window that can withstand the demands and requirements of modern building codes while still honoring historical accuracy.  

An Option (or Two) to Consider

When it comes to selecting a window type for a historic building, there really isn’t a go-to option because the perfect window will depend on when the structure was built, as well as other architectural considerations. In the example above, we used windows from our 4500 series to provide aesthetic accuracy and low-maintenance performance.

Another option to consider is our 4500S window. A fixed, double-hung window, this window system combines low-maintenance with high performance. These windows have 0.080-inch nominal wall thickness throughout the mainframe and sash and a ⅛-inch thick aluminum sill.


Hotels require high-performance windows with higher STC (sound transmission class) and UV light control than standard commercial buildings to ensure visitors are comfortable.

An Option (or Two) to Consider

Our 3250 Steel Replica series is a perfect choice for hotels. Utilizing exceptionally thin profiles, these windows were created in order to give a historic look to windows while also ensuring they meet  modern building codes requirements. They are perfect for coastal areas as they meet hurricane zone requirements.

Another other is our 1150S windows. They are designed with an integral beveled glazing stop, and they can be customized with either fixed, projected or casement opening methods, as well as with optional blast, ballistic or impact glazing.

Small Business

Small business window replacement really varies drastically based on the business type. For instance, a small doctor’s office will have much different window needs than a contemporary storefront.

However, most small businesses are looking for energy- and cost-efficient, durable and operational windows. For these reasons, most small businesses will opt for something non-fussy and practical, like a single-hung window. 

An Option to Consider

Our 4410 series is a terrific option for small businesses. They have a 3/32-inch thick aluminum sill, and these single-hung windows are a long-lasting, low-maintenance option for budget-conscious small businesses.

Selecting the Right Commercial Replacement Windows for Your Building

Every commercial window replacement is unique. Winco Window Company specializes in high-quality, custom commercial window replacements, and we work with builders and architects to help meet your specifications and criteria.

For more information about our commercial windows, click here. Or, if you’re ready to get started, find your local representative now!