Retrofitting historic storm-resistant windows is not a straightforward project. Not only do you have to ensure you’re getting the window design and fit just right, but you also need to consider performance, window integrity and durability.

Here are five examples of historic storm-resistant window designs that expertly marry style and performance for truly storm-resistant and historically accurate results. 

1. Steel Replicas With Storm Protection

This historic waterfront port, located at Pier 70 in San Francisco, is one of the best-preserved industrial complexes from the 19th century on the West Coast. Its ceiling-to-floor window design and proximity to water made this project's window specifications pretty unique.

The large, multi-paned, fixed design for these windows really complements this building's overall design. Without the thoughtful windows, the space wouldn't be nearly as interesting or as historically accurate, and that much window coverage isn't easy.

Designed with some of the most narrow architectural-grade profiles on the market while still able to meet hurricane zone requirements, Winco’s 3250 steel replica windows were the ideal choice for this project. In addition, they're crafted with heavy-duty aluminum frames and are finished with a custom glazing process to increase their energy efficiency.

2. Multi-Paned and Built to Last

The image above shows the windows for the Public Safety Complex for the city of Tavares, Florida. This important building serves as the police station, fire station and emergency operations system, so it needs windows to withstand the operational demands and the Florida weather. Historically, the building was originally a train supply station depot, so converting it to its current condition took some work.  

Multi-paned, black, aluminum windows worked perfectly for the building's classic aesthetic. In addition, adding reflective glass and color contrast between the windows and the walls worked well to create understated visual intrigue.

The windows are also tornado and hurricane-rated, and they meet the standards for FEMA P-361. In fact, the replacement windows were engineered to withstand over 250 miles per hour winds and have a flying debris impact testing of a 15-pound, 2x4 traveling at 100 mph.

3. Fixed Windows Designed for Performance

The Emergency Response and Control Center, located in Pinellas County, Florida, is a fully-equipped emergency storm shelter. It comes as no surprise that the windows in this building must be tornado and hurricane-rated.

These customized fixed windows work well for the building's design, as their creamy white color and single sash work to complement the overall aesthetic. These particular windows are fixed to optimize storm performance, but this design is also available with operable windows.  

The windows are FEMA P-361 impact tested and built from reinforced aluminum frames with a 1 ½ -inch glazing leg that includes a green-tint, Low-E laminated interlayer and a half-inch polycarbonate interior sheet.

4. Storm-resistant Hung Windows

DeGeorge Glass Company Inc. installed WINCO’s single hung 4410S Series windows. The new windows recreate the historical look with its integral sloped exterior glazing leg.  The 4410S Series windows maintain the clean appearance and weather-tight construction needed for this location. The windows feature hurricane-resistant  laminated glass — a protective measure for this historical building, as well as a means of preserving the building envelope, the property, and occupants within. 

5. Bent-Corner Windows for Maximum Security and Accuracy

These curved windows with copper-colored frames and tinted glass are an example of a stunning window design. When creative architects work with manufacturers who can meet interesting specifications like this, you end up with windows that really impress.

The windows are located on the historic JFK Federal Building located in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally built in 1963, the building features a combination of traditional and bent corner windows.

Because this building is a high-security facility, it posed an interesting challenge — it needed windows that allowed natural light to flow inside, but that also served as a barrier to outside eyes. As a result, a curved, custom version of the high-performance, pre-glazed Series 1150 worked well for this project.  

With custom glazing and manufacturing specifications, these historic storm-resistant windows resolved issues with sound infiltration, air infiltration, heat loss and security.

Historic Storm-Resistant Windows: Merging Style and Function

Retrofitting windows for historic buildings requires more than just aesthetic accuracy — storm resistance and durability must also be considered.

Winco Window Company specializes in custom, high-performance, historic storm-resistant windows. The windows are expertly engineered, tested and crafted to preserve architectural and historical integrity. Winco works directly with architects and builders to help meet the project criteria and specifications.

Check out the Winco Window website for more information on historic storm-resistant windows, and if you're ready to move to the next step, find a Winco Window local representative now.