Product Description

The 3600 Series is a sliding, fixed, and unitized storefront window system that will provide years of low maintenance performance at a competitive price. With a 1/16 inch nominal wall thickness throughout the mainframe and sash and a .080 inch thick aluminum sill, the 3600 is up to the task that your project demands.

The 3600 Series has been successfully used in many applications such as schools, hospitals, and condominiums for both public and private developments. Also available is a full line of trim and accessories that can take a standard window and turn it into a custom design solution.

  • 3 1/4” Deep Thermally Broken Pre‐Glazed Framing
  • Fixed AW Grade AF‐AW80
  • Full depth glazing bead for the flush glazed appearance


Elevation Details

3600 fixed.jpg
3600 fixed

Frame Options

Standard sill 10lb

Full Depth Glazing Bead
CS-7 Full Depth Glazing Bead

Rail Options

Fixed Rails

Full Depth Glazing Bead
CS-17 Full Depth Glazing Bead

Glazing Options


1in Glazing Bead FN-33
1" Glazing Bead
1/4" Glazing Bead
1/4" Glazing Bead

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