Product Description

All framing members of the Winco windows are thermally broken with two glass reinforced polyamide struts that stitch the two aluminum extrusions together. Thermal strut involves two separate extrusions and joins them through the use of engineered structural polyamide. Both the inside and outside aluminum profiles are extruded independently with a cavity that will ultimately receive the strut. Each profile can be coated or anodized independently, allowing for design flexibility and potential cost savings.  

Winco is offering the 8325 series in two different perimeter frame profiles. The standard 8325 series includes a unique sloped exterior glazing leg which gives the window an elegant, historic putty-glazed appearance, while also allowing the system to easily integrate an exterior applied grid system. The 8325F (flat) includes a more contemporary flat exterior glazing leg which lends itself better towards a more modern design application. 

  • 3-1/4” Architectural Grade Thermal Window
  • Projected AW Grade AP-AW-120
  • Dual and triple glazing available


Elevation Details

Product Elevation Details
1450S Fixed
8325F Fixed
Detail drawing of window_Fixed over project out
8325F Fixed over Project Out
1550 Fixed over Project In
8325F Fixed over Project In
1450 Project Out-Project In
8325F Project Out-Project In
3350-Butterfly Casement
8325F Butterfly Casement
3350-Outswing Casement
8325F Outswing Casement
3350-Inswing Casement
8325F Inswing Casement
Project Out Awning.
8325F Project Out Awning
Project In Hopper
8325F Project In Hopper


RFA files

8325F Fixed Revit/BIM
Fixed Single Horizontal Rail Revit/BIM
8325F Fixed Single Horizontal Rail Revit/BIM
Fixed vertical rail elevation
8325F Fixed Single Vertical Rail Revit/BIM

Rail Options

Heavy Rails

FN-84DD80_8325F_Heavy Rail 0.4.JPG
Fixed/ Fixed
FN-85DD80_8325F_Heavy Rail
Fixed/ Project in
FN-86DD89_8325F_Heavy Rail
Fixed/ Project out
Project in/ Project in
FN-89DD89_8325F_Heavy Rail_O.5
Project out/ Project in
N-80DD83_8325F_Heavy Rail_O.5
Project out/ Project out

Glazing Options


1" Glazing Bead FN-102
1" Glazing Bead FN-102
1" Glazing Bead Panel FN-102
1" Glazing Bead Panel FN-102
1-1/2" Glazing Bead FN-33
1-1/2" Glazing Bead FN-33

Only Available for Fixed Lights

1-1/4" Glazing Bead FN-32
1-1/4" Glazing Bead FN-32
2" Glazing Bead Panel FN-30 - Only Available for Fixed Lights
2" Glazing Bead Panel FN-30
2-1/4" Glazing Bead Panel FN-31 - Only Available for Fixed Lights
2-1/4" Glazing Bead Panel FN-31
3/4" Glazing Bead FN-101
3/4" Glazing Bead FN-101


Sill Extender

Sill_Universal_Sill Extensions
Sill Extender

Snap Trim

Snap Trim
Snap Trim



3-1/4" Receptors

3-1/4" Receptors
3-1/4" Receptors

3-1/4" Mullions

3-1/4" Mullions
3-1/4" Mullions


Winco Forms & Documents

AMI Logo
Anodizing color chart
Installation Manual
Linetec Color Chart
Final_Winco_Full_Color (2).png
Request for Warranty
LOGO_Final_Winco_Full_Color (2).png
Sample Warranty
Waci Color Chart
Winco logo
Winco LEED Statement

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